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Life of a cartoonist

Joel Duggan has been drawing cartoons since before he was a teenager. Duggan’s father introduced him to political cartoons at a young age; despite being too young to understand the jokes, knowing that someone was getting paid to draw cartoons was a life-changing revelation. Around the age of 12, he took an interest in the…

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Female characters deserve better

It makes sense for male and female clothing to be fitted differently. There are inherent physical differences that make it so that clothing should be made to be practical and comfortable for either sex. So, from a fit perspective, it makes sense that there should be some differences between men’s’ and women’s’ clothing.  It often seems that these differences,…

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Coping with comics

It’s August 2015. Mollie Cronin sits at her desk, fingers tapping and eyes glazing over, while waiting for something to load – she reaches for a pen and a piece. She starts to doodle. An angry little person with one fist raised erupts onto the page – this is Cronin’s first comic. Suddenly, Cronin cannot…

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Not just for nerds

A great graphic novel allows its characters to leap off the page. (Photo supplied)

As a literary form, graphic novels are often dismissed because of their reputation. Some readers are turned away because they have pictures, thinking that hardly qualifies them to sit amongst the literary greats (and also brings back memories of childhood picture books…we are of course, so terribly far beyond that in university). Others are turned…

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Other worlds

      Magic, monsters and Gimli’s voice echoing off the walls—you’re not in the Mines of Moria: it’s Hal-Con. Hal-Con took over the World Trade and Convention Centre between Oct 26 and 28.  I was one of the 5,000 people who descended upon the centre to spend a weekend gaming, socializing and geeking out.…

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