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Hocus Bipocus

Racism.  A pretty scary word isn’t it? When considering the ways in which racism can play out and the devastating effect it continues to have on the lives of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) worldwide it is clear that something must be done.        What’s fascinating to me is that people are more…

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Healing scars of the tattooing community

With files from Rebecca Dingwell, News Editor. After nine years of tattooing in Nova Scotia, Gabe Squalor decided to fill a need in the community of Halifax by opening up an LGBTQ-friendly tattoo parlour, Outlaw Country Tattoo.  “Ever since I got into tattooing – ever since the very beginning – honestly it was very apparent…

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Graffiti litters Killam library: harmless or hateful?

WARNING: Graphic and vulgar language used in this article and photos The Killam Memorial Library provides services used by a huge amount of Dalhousie students, faculty and staff, as well as the community at large. With over a million print books in circulation, a confrontation with the Killam ‘stacks’ can be intimidating. Where should you…

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A temporary home

My undergraduate studies at Queen’s University included a number of late nights and parties that were probably inconsiderately loud. I lived in the moment, immersed in my studies and focused on making friends. To be honest, I didn’t give much thought to the community in which all this took place. My experience at university was…

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Intrepid student explorers

Your student life in NS will benefit from off-campus experiences. (Bryn Karcha photo)

When students venture to Halifax for post-secondary education they may find themselves confined to a bare and lonely existence, limited to lives spent in dungeon-like classrooms and a dimly lit library cubicle. Academic responsibilities prevent them from taking advantage of the offerings outside the school environment. It’s easy to get lost in the books to…

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Something there is that doesn’t love a fence

Smashing pumpkins isn’t just a nineties thing. Children on hay bales raise orange globes overhead, throwing them to the ground with Dionysian abandon. This is the corner of Robie Street and Bell Street on Sunday, Nov. 4. There’s no grunge to be heard, but violin and acoustic guitar ring over the emptied garden plots at…

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Vandalism leaves King’s Chapel in the dust

Chapel. By Jesse Blackwood

The Chapel remains empty until week-long cleanup is finished Vandalism that occurred at the King’s Chapel Oct. 3 (see here) has not stopped the Chapel’s congregation from worshipping together. Until the Chapel is open again, services are being held in a blue tent outside the Chapel, and in The Pit, the King’s theatre. As the…

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Stand up for women

By Julie Sobowale, Opinions Contributor   Recently the Dalhousie Women’s Centre (DWC) has come under criticism for disruptions in keeping the Centre open and lack of volunteer commitment. While I cannot predict what the future holds for the DWC, I do know what we need: more voices in the conversation. I’ve worked as a DWC…

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