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Real Talk: Endorsing ‘good’ politicians

Politics used to be smart. Watching the 1968 Canadian leaders debate, it is very easy to feel dumb. “A democracy is an exchange of ideas between those that govern and those that are governed,” is one of the very first lines of the debate. Each candidate talks about issues and policies in depth. They all…

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I joined the Conservative Party and so should you

In the last federal election I was excited to vote Liberal. I would lean NDP if they figured out that the best way to be an issues party is to focus on specific social policies and environmental priorities. Until May 27, I am a blue-blooded Tory. And if you have $15 to spare before March…

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PoSitics, Week 2: The NDP

Welcome to PoSitics. This special Gazette feature seeks to present a positive, upbeat analysis of each party’s platform so that Dalhousie students can approach the upcoming election with an appropriate sense of hope. We want students heading to the polls debating which party they WANT to vote for, not agonizing over who scares them the…

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