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Dalplex Pool back in action

After nine months of ongoing repairs to fix leaks in the Dalplex pool, the repairs should be over soon. “Dalplex opened in 1979. It’s a great building, but it’s tired,” said Kathie Wheadon, director of facility and business services at Dalplex. “The pool really is one of our most used facilities, and it’s been quiet…

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Claire Yurkovich

Hometown: Edmonton, AB Major: Psychology, second year Proudest achievement to date: Probably making swimming through university. I qualified for Olympic trials and competed nationally for that. I’ve gone to Canadian nationals and last year I qualified for CIS. Next big thing she wants to achieve: Finishing off my degree. I’m hoping to go into education afterward. Just…

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Julia Sarty

Hometown: Halifax, NS Major: Electrical engineering, second year Proudest achievement to date: My biggest thing is keeping myself together. I’ve been able to be on the Varsity Swim Team for two seasons now – which is excellent and a privilege – as well as keeping up with some artistic stuff; I did ballet, up until…

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Ann Johnsen

Hometown: Newmarket, ON Major: Biology with a minor in chemistry, third year. I’m also working toward my animal behaviour certificate Proudest achievement to date: I’m proud of my marks and how I study – I’m proud of liking school and excelling in it. I’m also proud to have made the swim team every year that I’ve come…

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