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Take a walk on the other side

Let’s face it. We’ve all heard the talk about the bad sides of Dartmouth—but what do you know about the positive sides? If you haven’t heard of any, no worries—I’ve got you covered! Below are four great things to do in Dartmouth. The Dartmouth Ferry The best part about going to Dartmouth would have to…

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Nocturne: Rock the boat

Fancy some marimbas with your Metro Transit? Some country tunes crooned on your commute? Some samba as you stare at the twinkling lights of the Macdonald Bridge? Your dreams have come true, dear art-seeking friend. Serendipitous sounds will fill the Dartmouth-Halifax ferry on Nocturne night once again. On Oct. 19, CKDU, Dalhousie’s resident community radio…

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Study spaces

Need a place to study? Here are some of the best, worst and most creative places to study on and off campus. Best place to study: the King’s library Although it’s not on campus, my favourite spot to study would have to be the University of King’s College Library. The King’s library is an awesome…

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