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Sexability: its the end of the world as we know it

Hello my lovelies, Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile. Last semester really kicked my ass both physically and emotionally, but I’m back now. I realize this column is supposed to focus on disability and sex, and I still intend to do that. However, I believe it is also important in the current socio-political landscape to…

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Vicky Levack is on a roll

By her own admission, Vicky Levack’s main purpose in life started out as a selfish desire. “I wanted things done for me,” she says. “And then I realized there’s lots of other people who need the same stuff. So not only does it help me; it helps everybody else who needs it.” The “it” that…

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Stand up for women

By Julie Sobowale, Opinions Contributor   Recently the Dalhousie Women’s Centre (DWC) has come under criticism for disruptions in keeping the Centre open and lack of volunteer commitment. While I cannot predict what the future holds for the DWC, I do know what we need: more voices in the conversation. I’ve worked as a DWC…

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