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The creative minds behind Dunkirk make it come to life

Dunkirk opens in the middle of German dive-bomb attacks on thousands of British troops awaiting evacuation like sitting ducks on the beach of Dunkirk. A young man crouches on the ground beneath the flight path of a dive bomber as the audience watch explosions decimate the beach next to him. The jarring start immediately sets…

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Seeing the invisible

Liz Marshall: Canadian activist and filmmaker. (Press photo)

Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Liz Marshall spoke at a screening of her latest film, The Ghosts in Our Machine, last weekend in the McCain building. The World Society for the Protection of Animals’s (WSPA) Dalhousie branch organized the free event and facilitated an hour-long Q-and-A session with Marshall. Toronto-based Marshall has made 11 documentaries about various…

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Life, love, and Siri

A story of moustaches and A.I. (Press image)

In 2003, dour magician David Blaine sat in a plexiglass box high over a London street for 44 days. Blaine was suspended alone above crowds of curious onlookers. It must have been exciting at first, but eventually he became a part of the scenery. People must have stopped noticing and returned to their own lonely…

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One-handed love

A portrait of a sweet, ditzy porn addict, Don Jon opens to a flickering neon cartoon image. It’s only fitting for this tale that skates over any nuanced depictions of contemporary sexuality and love in favour of a tilt-a-whirl of Bugs Bunny caricatures. Like the proverbial Don Juan, our titular man Jon—Joseph Gordon-Levitt costumed as…

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A week in Wes’ world

Being a student film connoisseur is pretty taxing work, and each year, from September 12 – 19, the job shifts into overtime. The 33rd annual Atlantic Film Festival is in town, packing theatres throughout Halifax with a melange of the best and newest. Luckily for broke students campus-wide, the festival is hosting its special, and…

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Pirates and lore

Ironbound Island. (Photo by SimonP via Wikimedia Commons)

  Nova Scotia Islands is a new documentary about the personal stories behind four Nova Scotian islands that the history books don’t always tell. There are around 3,800 islands off the coast of Nova Scotia. This film highlights the most beautiful. Directed by Halifax’s Lorna Kirk, the film focuses on McNab’s Island, Troop Island, Outer…

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Fun movies for wine lovers

Even when you're tired, your wine fix just won't go away. (Jessica Emin photo)

There are only so many events you can plan surrounding wine, if that’s your thing. You’ve got dinner parties for pairings, blind tastings and…drinking games? But when it’s cold outside and you’ve had a long week, a night on the couch can seem much more appealing. You could indulge in some great movies on wine,…

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Ben’s 10 – Favourite fictional athletes

Athletes can be frustrating. Whether they’re sounding off in press conferences, sulking during the game, or pulling a Robin Ventura by refusing to sign autographs, we fans often lose patience with today’s stars. That’s why everyone loves sports movies and TV shows. The protagonists are relatable, we sympathize with them even if their conduct would…

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7 movies to feel lucky about in 2013

  1. Man of Steel – This needs to be good in order to make up for the blasphemous Super Man Returns that unfortunately flew to the world in 2006. It was just a movie where Superman pranced around and hid in bushes like the Halifax night watcher. The trailer does look promising, although director Zack Snyder…

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