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The election comes to Halifax

  The candidates for the Halifax riding sparred onstage once again yesterday evening, this time turning their attention to youth and student issues. All five candidates were present to debate: Allan Bezanson of the Marxist-Leninist Party, Irvine Carvery of the Conservative Party, Andy Fillmore of the Liberal Party, Megan Leslie of the NDP and Thomas…

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Living the green life

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Or, how to lessen that stubborn carbon footprint In honour of the Gazette’s Green issue, I thought I’d share a few simple steps students can take to make their lives a little more green. One of the key first steps to green-living is figuring out the impact you’re currently having, a.k.a your “carbon footprint.” You…

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Green parking spots for car-free day

By Brittany Maguire, News Contributor   In celebration of International Car Free Day on Sept. 22, environmental activists gathered to occupy three parking meters on Grafton Street. Their goal was to raise awareness and demonstrate their commitment to public and active transportation in Halifax. Robin Tress, the Dalhousie student organizer of the parking spot party, says…

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By Max Rau and Ali Cherri, Opinions Contributors   POINT (Max): The primary responsibility of any government is to protect the well- being of its citizens. The benefits of global warming to Canada should, in the eyes of the Canadian government, greatly outweigh the damages caused in the developing world. Canadians will benefit from climate…

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Raise your GPA (that is: your Green Particip-Action)

Rachel Deloughery and Emma Kiley, Sustainability columnists You have been at Dalhousie for about a week now and are probably starting to wonder what kind of wicked, awesome sustainability stuff goes on at Dal, and how you can get involved. Or maybe you’re secretly wondering what this sustainability business is all about (and what the…

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