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What does “student support” even mean? Where can I get academic advice?

Dalhousie University offers multiple methods of student support across its three campuses. These resources include – but aren’t limited to – specific advisors designated for different purposes, and health counsellors.  The Bissett Student Success Centre (BSSC) came to fruition last August after David Bissett made a donation. Director of Student Success Heather Doyle said the…

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Dal campus for Gen Z

For the first time, the majority of new students attending Dalhousie University are part of Gen Z.   Generation Z. Post-millennials. Born after 1997 – they’re digital natives.   And this year, Dal frosh are 2000s babies. The 2019 grads will include those born in 1997 who went straight from high school and finished their undergrad in…

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Sexability: let’s get anal

Hello my lovelies, I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while and I think we are finally at a point in our relationship where we can talk about this. So… butt sex. I know some people reading this just clenched hard. Don’t worry, it’ll be ok. Why do I think this is so important…

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