Dal campus for Gen Z

A crash course on the important things

For the first time, the majority of new students attending Dalhousie University are part of Gen Z.  

Generation Z. Post-millennials. Born after 1997 – they’re digital natives.  

And this year, Dal frosh are 2000s babies. The 2019 grads will include those born in 1997 who went straight from high school and finished their undergrad in four years. 

Dalhousie’s campus has changed over the years to accommodate the generational trends of each new group.  

Lit locations  

Halifax may not be the biggest city, but it has its hot spots. Luckily, because of the close proximity of Dalhousie to the downtown core, all of these locations are within a reasonable distance for students to explore.  

Student Union Building 

The SUB offers a wide variety of services. This is where society offices are, where you’ll find your Dal Student Union reps or have your voice heard by the Gazette 

Tim Hortons, Pete’s ToGoGo, Bento Sushi, Booster Juice, Mezza and Global Village – Passage to India are all on the main floor of the SUB when you’re not feeling meal hall.  

You can also ask the front desk on the main floor literally any question – they’re there to help.  

There’s a “fireside lounge” with wall-to-wall windows to hang out in, eat your lunch, study or all three at once. And on the third floor is a fridge for Day Students to use and a nice, bright area to get your work done in when the Killam feels too dreary.  

The SUB is a great place to meet your friends, pick up textbooks you couldn’t find used, your black and gold Dal swag, or print off your latest assignment at Campus Copy.  

Charging stations 

There are a few charging stations across campus: by the info desk on the first floor of the SUB and on the third floor of the SUB. In the Law Students Lounge, the Killam Link, and the Computer Science building.  

The Killam also has charging cords at the info desk to borrow while studying in the library.  

Nova Pharmacy  

They aren’t just any pharmacy – they’re the one-stop-shop for everything you need. Band-Aids? Condoms? Gatorade? Instant noodles? Socks? It’s all there. They’re also on Twitter @Nova_Pharmacy – occasionally you will leave your thesis there and they will tweet out a PSA that they have it safe and sound. 

Halifax Public Gardens 

The Public Gardens is where you’ll find the agave and pineapple plants. It’s a nice green space to do your assignments or just relax.  

Soak up the sun, and watch the ducks while you try to relieve that back-to-school stress.  

You can’t smoke, run or walk on the grass, though.  

South House 

Located within the streets of Dal campus South House offers sexual health and gender resources. They are a wheelchair accessible and inclusive environment that offers a safe space for meetings, events, organizing and workshops.  

You can also get free pregnancy tests here.  

McCain Lounges  

If you need a nap between classes without going home or back to dorm – the couches in the McCain Building are perfect for a snooze. There’s also a nice outdoor atrium in the middle of the McCain building open during the summer.  

The Loaded Ladle  

The Loaded Ladle offers free food to students, serving over 800 meals each week. Stay tuned for serving hours on their twitter page 

Point Pleasant Park  

If you’re looking to go for a run or maybe a walk, or relax seaside on a picnic bench, Point Pleasant Park has multiple trails where you’ll meet all the doggos and puppers.  

Halifax Central Library 

A relatively new addition to Halifax – the Halifax Central Library has a lot to offer. From the normal lending of books to a library of instruments that people can take out.  

The library is also home to some of the nicest views, a rooftop terrace where you can see its living roof and two cafes.  

Again, when the Killam just isn’t cutting it – the minimalist vibes of the bright, spacious library is the perfect spot to feel focused.  

Apps for dayz  

Stay connected with Dal and the city of Halifax.  


DalSafe gives immediate notice to school closure alerts, safety concerns on campus and it has a list of emergency contacts.  

Two unique services it offers are: Friend Walk, so a friend can track your progress on your walk home and Virtual Walkhome, which sends your location to Dal Security so they can watch your progress.  

Dalhousie Student Union  

The DSU app focuses on student life, on-campus events, organization, maps, and services. With this app you can stay connected to what’s happening campus, set reminders, create schedules and find study tools.  

Brightspace Pulse 

Brightspace Pulse lets you see a schedule of your courses, when assignments are due, what readings there are and your grades without having to open your computer. 

Transit – Bus & Train Times 

Track Halifax Transit in real time, and figure out what bus route will get you to where you need to go. The GO function outlines where you need to walk to catch the bus and sends stop alerts that let you know when your stop is coming. 

Tap – Refill Stations & Water Bottles 

Tap provides a map, and directions to nearby locations of where you can refill your water bottle. You can even filter results by chilled, filtered, or self-serve. 

Halifax Recycles 

Halifax Recycles helps figuring out how to recycle in this city. It shows you when recycling and garbage days are. And which items go in which container. It will let you know when the schedule changes because of the latest snow storm or  

Twitter and Instagram (duh) 

Halifax has a huge Twitter scene. From the agave plant and the algae bloom, to every journalist and news outlet, to those talking about the latest Queer Eye episode.  

The Halifax Instagram fam have group Insta-meetups and giveaway contests all the time. It’s not unheard of to reach out to another Hali-grammer and ask to go shooting for a day.   

Halifax and Dalhousie have a lot to offer – this list should get you started.  


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