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Food waste served across campus

In this image: A bin of leftover quinoa, mussel shells, napkins and other food waste.

Dalhousie University Food Services started tracking the amount of food waste created in meal hall as a part of Canada’s Waste Reduction Week. Dalhousie University Food Services started tracking the amount of food waste created in meal hall as a part of Canada’s Waste Reduction Week. Risley’s meal hall reminds students to only take the…

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Drawing of house ignites search for artist

When fourth-year University of King’s College student, Simon Gillies, and his four other roommates were shown a picture of a drawing of their home, they decided they needed to find the artist and pay them for their work.   They hope that once the artist is found they can pay for and frame the picture.   Gillies…

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Dal campus for Gen Z

For the first time, the majority of new students attending Dalhousie University are part of Gen Z.   Generation Z. Post-millennials. Born after 1997 – they’re digital natives.   And this year, Dal frosh are 2000s babies. The 2019 grads will include those born in 1997 who went straight from high school and finished their undergrad in…

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People and places in Dal history

Dalhousie University has grown to encompass 230 acres of land, comprised of three campuses in the South End of Halifax, and the Agriculture Campus in Truro in its 200 years.   The university started as the brain child of Lord Dalhousie: George Ramsay, the ninth Earl of Dalhousie. He wanted to “establish a Halifax college open…

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What’s been going on at Dal??

racism, Masuma Khan

Editor’s Note: Words are used to communicate specific ideas; a word is only useful to the extent that it‘s common meaning is understood by each person. In modern discourse, racism and racist are used to communicate a number of related but decidedly distinct ideas, so they‘ve become inefficient, if not totally counter-productive. Systemic racism or…

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Students as first responders

Starting in September 2014, a new Dalhousie Campus Medical Response Team will be helping to make life at Dal safer. (Photo by Kit Moran)

After a 64.5 per cent win in the recent Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) referendum, the Medical Response Team will be receiving a levy of $1 per full-time student. With the help of this levy, volunteers on the medical response team will be trained by St. John’s Ambulance, certifying them as Advanced Medical First Responders. The…

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Former refugee and child soldier speaks at Dal

Michel Chikwanine says 250,000 child soldiers still exist today. (Photo by Alice Hebb)

In 1993, five-year-old Michel Chikwanine was playing soccer in the Congo when army trucks arrived at the field. Amidst gunshots and screaming, he and his friends were abducted. Militants slashed Michel’s wrist and rubbed brown-brown—a mixture of cocaine and gunpowder—into the wound. He was blindfolded, handed a semi-automatic and ordered to shoot or be killed.…

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International students looking for more at Dalhousie

Fewer and fewer international students are applying to Dalhousie. (Photo by Kit Moran)

When Mahbubur Rahman came to Dalhousie from Bangladesh, he didn’t know anything about other universities in Canada. After completing his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in his home country, he got a research scholarship from a professor at Dal. Rahman arrived in August 2013 with a lot of expectations. Unfortunately for him, not all of…

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No plot holes here

Is this pothole the back door to Narnia? (Photo by Kristie Smith)

In front of the Student Union Building, a 150-centimetre wide pothole lies on the right side of University Avenue. That’s almost five feet long. Yet the pothole is only about three centimetres deep, making it a non-priority pothole for Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The city’s website says priority potholes on main roads, such as University…

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