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Not picking sides

Biphobia is an aversion towards people who identify as bisexual, often seen in forms of invalidating their sexuality or simply taking their sexuality less seriously, especially if someone who identifies as bisexual is in a hetero or homosexual monogamous relationship. The global community has become much more accepting of people in the LGBTQ+ community over…

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What CP doesn’t tell you

Journalists must understand the importance of asking subjects for their preferred gender pronoun. (Photo by Bryn Karcha)

I hate asking my interview subjects for their names. I’m terrified of spelling an interviewee’s name wrong, so I force myself to ask for the spelling. I hyperventilate even if the subject’s name is an apparently simple Sarah Smith, because she might spell “Sarah” without an “h” at the end, or spell it a way…

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Savage Love! Live!

Dan Savage is not one to blush when speaking about ejaculate before a crowd of 200. Rather, he carries on in the same direct way that makes his writing so poignant and informative. He is a man committed to change and truth in a very sex-negative world. Savage was in town Oct. 3 to make…

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