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Loaded Ladle wins appeal

They're back in session, ladies and gentlemen.

Society will be ratified if they can meet the criteria There were smiles of relief all across the DSU council room Nov. 9 when councillors finally, after nearly two hours of debate, approved a motion to eventually ratify the Loaded Ladle. It was a tense few hours, during which one councillor was cautioned to watch…

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Loaded Ladle wants to be heard

Loaded ladle. Photo by Angela Gzowski

Society members waiting on levy After a washout moment with the DSU, the Loaded Ladle was hoping to resume communication on their pending ratification. But after presenting for seven minutes at a council meeting, all they got were crickets. “We want to start serving students as soon as possible; that’s what we do. Our supporters…

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Loaded Ladle faces DSU ultimatum

Aaron Beale, Rebecca Hoffer and Sonia Grant enjoy a meal after a Ladle meeting. Photo by Kat Pyne.

Ladle, still  not ratified, denied access to levy The Loaded Ladle has been treading on eggshells since it received a formal ultimatum from the DSU Oct. 5. The subsequent actions of the Loaded Ladle will determine whether they can continue to exist and serve food as a student society. In a letter written by Chris…

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It’s a ladle of love

Loaded Ladle in business

The dish on the Loaded Ladle     It’s finally here! After two years of intense struggle by The Loaded Ladle volunteers, the student-run food co-operative will be cooking up a storm for its first official serving on September 13. Call it what you want, whether it’s Tasty Tuesdays or Toast-worthy Tuesdays, because every Tuesday…

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Load me up, Ladle!

By Justin Ling, Opinions Contributor   If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s faux-populism: that horrible nagging voice that follows you around on every issue and insists on telling you, “I’m the voice of the people!” Enter the Dal Liberty Society and their foolish campaign against, well, everything. The topic du jour: the Loaded…

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Ladle liberty

Student levies fighting corporate food are unprincipled, immoral Michael Kennedy, Opinions Contributor Michael Kennedy is a fourth year political science student and executive director of the Dal Liberty Society.   Next week, students will be asked to vote on a referendum to decide whether student fees should be increased in order to provide a levy…

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