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Why can’t we do math?

Unless you’re a math or physics major, it’s likely that at some point in your life you’ve said to someone, “I’m not good at math.”  It’s such a common and accepted sentence that no one thinks to question it. Math is one of those subjects that everybody distances themselves from. We tend to think “oh,…

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Re(-)solving: Math Jam makes space for feelings and failure

Many people, young and old, find math difficult—that is if they haven’t already disavowed the subject all together. Nick Dourado is an exquisite performer and instrumentalist, and he’s also a graduate of engineering and ocean physics programs from Dalhousie University. His month-long residency, Harmonic Spaces, at the Khyber Centre for the Arts, focused on alternative…

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Encouraging women in STEM fields

Parents, teachers and peers are unintentionally pushing young girls away from taking courses in the “STEM” field – science, technology, engineering and math – based on biases. “The myths include: if you are creative, science is not for you; boys are better at math; girls and technology don’t mix; girls want helping careers such as…

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