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Dog is the new cow

Barbecues are an important summer tradition for many. But Barbecues ain’t cheap. What if there was an alternative to dropping $45 on a steak, and this alternative was free? There is. His name is Fido. He’s probably running around your backyard at this very moment, tail wagging, tongue flopping. Locally sourced, ethically raised and free…

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Where the vegetarians roam

By Alex Bruvels, Staff Contributor I am the furthest one could be from a vegetarian. There is nothing I like more than sinking my carnivorous teeth into a cut of rare prime rib or a fatty piece of Brome Lake duck. As of late, however, I have noticed a shift in my appetite. It started when…

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Climate change goes carnal

By Megan Tardif-Woolgar, Opinions Contributor Humans are consuming more meat. The climate is changing. Is there a connection? The beefy fact is that unsustainable agricultural practices used to meet the ever-increasing demand for animal products have been identified as one of the greatest contributors of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. According to the 2006 report published by…

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