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Medicine marks a milestone

Bruce Johnson’s interest in medicine began as a child, when he was given a chemistry set for Christmas. The rest is history. That chemistry set led Johnson to become Nova Scotia’s first black pharmacist. The lifelong Yarmouth resident made his claim to fame upon graduating from Dalhousie’s School of Pharmacy in ’74, at the age…

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The future of medicine is in your genes

Dalhousie professors from the school of medicine are looking to genetics as a way to find new treatments for disease. On Jan. 17, several professors participated in a panel discussion at the Halifax Central Library.  They were joined by Andrew Burke, a lawyer at Stewart McKelvey law firm and chair of the Foundation for Fighting…

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Dalhousie grad creates new way of teaching millennial med student

Dr. Sanjay Sharma, a retina specialist and professor at Queen’s University, recently launched a website designed for medical school students and practicing physicians to learn the basics of clinical medicine. Two years in the making, contains over 100 teaching modules. “The lessons are available anytime you want to consume it, anywhere on any platform,”…

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Tuition hike recommended for all Dalhousie students

If you checked your Dalhousie email yesterday, you know: budget time is upon us. The university’s Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) has released their report making recommendations to the university’s president on the upcoming budget. So far, not so good for students. If the recommendations were implemented, all students would see a tuition hike of three…

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By JoVE, I think I’ve got it!

Alexandra McGrath, a second-year pharmacy student at Dal, can’t wait to try JoVE.

YouTube for scientists is ready to go   If you consider yourself a visual learner, as opposed to reading chapters from a textbook, you will be happy to hear about a new source for learning and research in the sciences— JoVE. The Journal for Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is the first of its kind, and is…

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Consensual speculum

Laura Parlee, Assistant News Editor Canada’s medical schools may be lagging behind in ethical patient care. Public health reporter for the Globe and Mail, Andre Picard, published a column last week about medical students performing unnecessary procedures to unconscious patients without their consent. The article has sparked a vibrant debate on the nature of consent, the…

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Med school back on track by 2010

More than 200 faculty members of Dalhousie’s school of medicine, and almost as many students, are sitting on committees to help craft the future of their school. Since Oct. 15, the school’s power to grant degrees to doctors has been on probation. The body that decides this – the Liaison Committee for Medical Education (LCME)…

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Music from and for the heart

Music or medicine: why not both? Dalhousie University has integrated these two seemingly opposite paths into Music-in-Medicine. The program has evolved under a man who has accomplished more in his lifetime than most could hope for. Officer of the Order of Canada. Former Nova Scotia health minister. Cape Breton-born piper. Not to mention the plethora…

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