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Métis Nation speaks out against Nova Scotian self-identifiers

Chief Sidney Peters and Clément Chartier.

More Nova Scotians are claiming Métis heritage and attempting to access Aboriginal and Treaty rights.   “This is a new phenomenon since the ’80s that people are emerging in Eastern Canada claiming to be Métis,” says Métis National Council President, Clément Chartier. “There are dozens of these cases in Eastern Canada where they have not been able to prove ancestry.” …

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Briefs of the week

Week of Sept. 29, 2018 Vandalism at Point Pleasant Multiple sites in Point Pleasant Park were found vandalized on the morning of Thanksgiving Monday, Oct. 8. “Most disturbing was the Sailors’ Memorial being defaced with paint splattered over the panels containing the names of the fallen. Anti-war slogans including the anarchy symbol were present,” reads…

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