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Dalhousie student gains strength from tumor

Dalhousie student Matthew Secord learned about his brain at a very young age.  Now he wants to study other peoples’. When he was five, doctors identified a tumor that had been growing in Secord’s brain, causing his skull to pinch the tumor. “They knew I always had something weird because I had a growth on…

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A joy to hold

Another day, another fabulous p-book (that’s publisher-speak for “printed book”) proving the continuing relevance of print medium releases on the Canadian literary market. Readers, this is one for the book(shelve)s. Over 100 years after its first publication in 1912, Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town should still be required reading for anyone growing up…

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Jordan Subban, Max Domi go home medal-less

Arfa Ayub, Staff Contributor It was a comeback win for Alberta against Ontario in Friday night’s bronze medal match up as they won 5 – 3 at the Metro Centre. “To come back down 3 – 2 in the third period really meant a lot us,” said Alberta starting goalie Eric Comrie. “It was the…

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Ontario keep on strong

By Ian Froese, Staff Contributor   “All day, baby. All day,” yelled an Ontario athlete at teammate Dayton Sopha as he grasped the ball in a dominating stretch during the second quarter of a wheelchair basketball game on Monday. With the weak defence their team was facing, the oft-repeated phrase did not appear out of…

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Ontario hockey bounce back

By Arfa Ayub, Staff Contributor   It was a bounce-back victory for Ontario on Monday, who defeated British Columbia 5 – 2 after losing 3 – 2 in a shootout against Quebec on Sunday. Ontario dominated the game until the last five minutes of the third period. “I thought we came out well,” said Ontario’s…

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