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Touching tribute to troubled Van Gogh

Loving Vincent a stunning tribute to artist Vincent Van Gogh’s life and creativity. The story is told entirely through 12 of his own paintings; unlike any Van Gogh film before it, this is a production the world didn’t know it needed. Directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, it is the first film in cinematic…

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Painter’s Valhalla

Another 20-minute masterpiece. (Photo by Erin Olejnik)

The fresh paint is slathered on in sweeping strokes, bright and livid in the dark room. The painter takes a step back and quickly resumes; time is running out. A wall of eager observers bustle and chatter between canvases as music blazes from wall-mounted speakers. Here, at Art Battle, the act of painting is comparable…

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Quantum leap

By Caroline Elias, Arts Contributor   Halifax born artist Katherine Vingoe- Cram is bringing a whole new dimension to her paintings. latest exhibition Portals consists of six oil paintings, each portraying a seemingly normal situation. But within each painting lies a discrepancy that indicates to the viewer that all is not right. Each piece has an…

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