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Briefs of the week

Week of Sept. 29, 2018 Vandalism at Point Pleasant Multiple sites in Point Pleasant Park were found vandalized on the morning of Thanksgiving Monday, Oct. 8. “Most disturbing was the Sailors’ Memorial being defaced with paint splattered over the panels containing the names of the fallen. Anti-war slogans including the anarchy symbol were present,” reads…

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Intrepid student explorers

Your student life in NS will benefit from off-campus experiences. (Bryn Karcha photo)

When students venture to Halifax for post-secondary education they may find themselves confined to a bare and lonely existence, limited to lives spent in dungeon-like classrooms and a dimly lit library cubicle. Academic responsibilities prevent them from taking advantage of the offerings outside the school environment. It’s easy to get lost in the books to…

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Worst of Halifax: Unwanted guests

Pier 21 a playground for Kenney’s racist hypocrisy Jane Kirby, Opinions Contributor   On January 20, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney unveiled The Wheel of Conscience monument at Pier 21. The monument commemorates the Canadian government’s refusal to allow over 900 Jewish refugees on board the M.S. St. Louis to enter the country…

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