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Through the fog of Huawei propoganda

In this image: a Huawei smartphone.

 The United States is accusing technology company, Huawei, of posing a security threat. Canada arrested Huawei Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou, on U.S authority Dec. 1, following accusations that a Huawei subsidiary violated a sanction against Iran.    Wanzhou was released on bail of $7 million and has been under surveillance in Vancouver, B.C. as her extradition case continues.   Following her arrest, Canadian citizen Robert Schellenberg now sits on death row for his previous drug trafficking charge in China. His…

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The stupidity of the 2%

Editor’s note: Matt Stickland is a retired Officer of the Royal Canadian Navy.   There have been a lot of crazy policies coming out of the United States in recent months. Like, tearing families apart, losing trade wars and throwing hissy fits in the direction of the NFL. For this foreign policy nerd Trump’s most…

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Sexability: its the end of the world as we know it

Hello my lovelies, Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile. Last semester really kicked my ass both physically and emotionally, but I’m back now. I realize this column is supposed to focus on disability and sex, and I still intend to do that. However, I believe it is also important in the current socio-political landscape to…

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The cost of playing politics

On the evening of January 9 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to Sackville High School. A political event beneficial to both the Canadian Government and Nova Scotia schools in general. Sackville High School is now receiving positive attention in the media. Justin Trudeau visiting is now one of the top results when the school…

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The problem with identity politics

The definition of identity politics is a tendency for people of a specific religion, race, social background etc. to form exclusive political alliances; moving away from traditional broad-based party politics. Although identity politics has been around for several years, it’s become more evident in the past few years. It started out as civil rights movements,…

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What are these Paradise Papers? 

It’s getting hard to write opinion pieces about politics without choking on impotent rage. The razzle dazzle public relations world that we are being sold isn’t jiving with what our lives look like.   Politicians treat each other in ways that weren’t acceptable for me to treat my brother when we were six years old. Instead of…

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Add women, change politics

It’s International Women’s Day on Mar. 8, and as we should, we’ve turned it into a weeklong extraganza of women supporting women so that they might recognize their potential and seek whatever future they choose. Celebrating our mothers, wives, girlfriends, our CEOs, our cabinet ministers and our game-changers, International Women’s Day is a day to…

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Rethinking Baird

  The political arena is a public relations free-for-all. In a realm notorious for slinging more than mud, it is hard to recognize philosophers from sophists, heroes from hell-raisers and fast-talkers with hidden agendas. Still, if you hold your nose and hose down the scene from time to time, there are many elected officials doing…

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