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Rhiannon Makohoniuk

Hometown: Moncton, NB Major:  B.A. Psychology & Gender and Women’s Studies, B.SW and currently a special undergraduate student Proudest achievement to date: Getting academically dismissed from school, coming back and getting two degrees and frequenting the Dean’s List. Next big thing she wants to achieve: I want to inspire others to be comfortable with themselves and…

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Pride: more than a party

On July 23, I attended Halifax Pride’s wrap-up party, WetSpot, one of the week’s biggest events in lieu of being present at the Pride Parade that took place earlier that day. As someone who classifies themselves as an ally, this is very problematic. Due to personal complications, I was unable to attend the parade. I…

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Show your support. Photo by Angela Gzowski

Wearing a rainbow pin is about more than just stating your orientation First, let me say that I’m not gay — even though I wear a rainbow pin on my book bag. This idea is easy for my gay friends to understand, but less so for my heterosexual friends. This may seem like a funny…

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