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Pro-life deal breaker

Relationships are more interesting when you don’t agree about everything. Opposites attract.   Arguments over what shows to watch, or what to make for dinner can be adorable and fun. Arguments about a women’s right to choose and the “sanctity of life” are not adorable and fun.  Being pro-life needs to be a definite red flag for all heterosexual women. Not the…

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Riding out the abortion debate

Metro Transit will profit from South House's response to an offensive ad that shouldn't have been published in the first place. (Photo by Josh Fraser)

Maybe it’s my cynical internet self who was not surprised to see pro-lifers advertising on Metro Transit, and I admit I did not pay the ads much attention until South House spoke out. The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I became that the ads were even allowed to be posted, and I…

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South House raising money to get on the bus

(Graphic by Emily Davidson)  Dalhousie’s sexual and gender resource centre is fighting fire with fire—or, rather, ads with ads. Pro-life ads from Signs for Life have recently sprouted all over Metro Halifax buses and bus shelters, reading “Luc was born today but his life began nine months ago.” Rather than petitioning to have the ads…

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Streetscaping the abortion debate

Your neighbourhood stroll just got a little more contentious. (Adele van Wyk photo)

The anti-abortion movement is alive and well in Halifax as pro-life supporters take part in the ‘40 Days for Life’ campaign. The organization’s website makes the claim that it is the “largest and longest internationally coordinated pro-life mobilization in history.” Noticeably absent from the peaceful demonstrations are the advocates of the opposite side of the…

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