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Recipe: Devil’s Food Cake Cupcakes

Cupcake Goodness. Photo by Dixie Bell Cupcake Cafe via flickr

There are days when chocolate is all you need, and this quick recipe creates the perfect chocolatey treat. In just 20 minutes, you’ll have light, fluffy, divine cupcakes that are perfect for a late night snack while studying, or to pack for lunch. The chocolate buttercream frosting is delicious; but, if you’re running short on…

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Recipe: Simple freshly-baked bread from scratch

Bread From Scratch. Photo by Emily Carlin via Flickr

Do you love fresh bread, but hate how fast the stuff from the store goes stale? This bread will stay spongy-soft for days and makes great toast. And no, you can’t use regular flour. Ingredients 3 cups bread flour 3/4 teaspoon yeast 1 1/4 teaspoon salt 1 1/2 cups warm water Mix all ingredients in…

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Recipe: Fried cheese

Mmmmm fried cheese. Photo by Rob Sangster-Poole.

And other tasty fried things, too!   Cheese rocks. Unless you’re a vegan. Or really gassy. Or lactose intolerant. I’m also told being “bovine bi-product sensitive” is a thing. Who knew? But anyway, for the rest of us, cheese rocks. And the best way to make an already delicious food better is to deep-fry it!…

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Recipe: Sweet pepper summer salad

Sweet Pepper Salad ingredients - photo by Rob Sangster-Poole

  So, you’ve just scarfed down a donair, indulged in a few of the Dawgfather’s “phat boyz,” and pigged out on a meatlover’s pizza. Well done, you. But now it’s time to diversify your digestive portfolio. Why not try some salad? I know what you’re thinking: all that “healthy” stuff mingling in a bowl sans…

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Cheesy comfort

Jordana Levine, Food Columnist When I think of spirituality, I immediately think of food in all of its forms. I recall my experiences with food. Whether it’s tasting the first ripe tomato from the backyard garden or eating freshly caught octopus on a Greek island, food feeds the soul in different ways. These ways can…

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