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The product of an immigrant

I am from Canada. A statement that can be made so easily by most who say it, but not for all. When I say it, a sense of disbelief forms around those who listen, but not all. Dear residents of the land I was born in and have lived in, why do you think I…

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In Halifax and underage

In 2013, there’s not much that can stop a student from doing some drinking, except maybe their age. Deciding what to do for fun when you’re underage can be an exasperating experience. It’s certainly not a clear-cut decision. It’s also one that defines the way you spend the next four years of your university experience,…

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My generation

Screen shot of Wente's article at

An argument against the Globe and Mail’s view of the entitlement generation   I believe I can speak on behalf of all students my age when I say there are few things more irritating than when baby-boomers conveniently slap the “lazy” sticker on our foreheads, ascribing false attributes to our age group, and lamenting the…

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