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More discourse, less defensiveness

  I’ve been resisting the urge to comment on the Israeli debate going on in the Gazette. I felt like jumping in would be political suicide (and so I remain anonymous), but the latest issue has been the last straw. The responses of Israeli apologists to statements made by organizations such as Students Against Israeli…

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RE: The neglect of etiquette

I was sincerely alarmed to read of the charges against myself and fellow student Mary MacDonald during the rebuttal to our article where we dissented and disagreed with theories put forth by Dr Amal Ghazal as presented in her lecture on “History of Zionism, and The Age of Colonialism.” Students against Israeli Apartheid characterized a…

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RE: on the neglect of Palestinian suffering

Recently we attended a public lecture on campus, sponsored by the group Students Against Israeli Apartheid at Dalhousie. The topic, the origins of Zionism and the age of colonialism, was discussed by Dr. Amal Ghazal before a partisan audience. Her lecture covered points concerning the European conquests and colonization of foreign lands, as practiced by…

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