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Exams aren’t everything!

BY TANAKA SHUMBA AND MEGHAN CHISHOLM Exam Encouragement  Exam season is finally upon us. In a few weeks we’ll all be writing our final exams before heading home for the holidays. Before you take your exams, there are a few things you need to know.   Yes, exams are important – but remember that they don’t assess what makes each of us exceptional…

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Dalhousie student gains strength from tumor

Dalhousie student Matthew Secord learned about his brain at a very young age.  Now he wants to study other peoples’. When he was five, doctors identified a tumor that had been growing in Secord’s brain, causing his skull to pinch the tumor. “They knew I always had something weird because I had a growth on…

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Study spaces

Need a place to study? Here are some of the best, worst and most creative places to study on and off campus. Best place to study: the King’s library Although it’s not on campus, my favourite spot to study would have to be the University of King’s College Library. The King’s library is an awesome…

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Great study locations (that you’ve probably missed)

The Killam Library can feel like a prison, and the dorms are full of drunks. Where is the serious scholar to study? Cafes are a mainstay of the transient student body, but Dalhousie has lots of quieter and more welcoming places to crack open a textbook. Here are some of the Gazette‘s favourites. Weldon Law…

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Science says you should look at cute things

Look at this photo. Now go study. (Photo from Tim Lloyd via Flickr)

We’ve all got to admit: it’s pretty hard to look at adorable images of kittens and puppies and not feel better about life. In Japan, cute things are referred to as “kawaii,” and it’s a culture that’s become increasingly popular around the world. They’re just too adorable not to share. Usually it involves baby animals…

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