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Great study locations (that you’ve probably missed)

Dal's ranking could play a role in potential future students' choices. (Bryn Karcha photo)
We have a few secrets in store. (Bryn Karcha photo)

The Killam Library can feel like a prison, and the dorms are full of drunks. Where is the serious scholar to study? Cafes are a mainstay of the transient student body, but Dalhousie has lots of quieter and more welcoming places to crack open a textbook. Here are some of the Gazette‘s favourites.

Weldon Law Building’s secret study space:

Nestled in a corner of the second floor of the Weldon Law Building is a quiet and comfortable study space. Revealing this secret may cost this writer his life, but it’s worth it. It allows food and it’s a great place to go even if you just want to grab a book from the small student donated library.

Metro Transit:

Like reading on the road? Or maybe at sea? That transit sticker on your Dal card will get you on any bus or ferry in Halifax. Take the ferry to Dartmouth and enjoy a nice sea breeze on the upper deck while you try to memorize chemical compounds, or ride the number 1 bus for a few hours.

The LSC tower tank common space:

In the centre of  the LSC lies a large, cylindrical tower. While the first three floors are a massive water tank, the top floor is a study space with sofas, chairs and a kitchenette. Rarely visited by anyone outside the marine biology department, it’s a quiet spot with a great view.

Nova Scotia Public Archives:

Membership is one of Halifax’s best bargains at $0. Look up your family history with their free access to, scan through an incredible wealth of historical documents, or simply take advantage of their many quiet areas. Conveniently located on the corner of University and Robie, across from the fire station and next to the Computer Science building.



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