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Cramming isn’t that bad

Cramming. I’m doing it right now. I was supposed to submit this article yesterday. But I stood no chance against my inner procrastinator.   Whenever exam dates are approaching, the Killam becomes packed with masses of hard-workers. The library seems to come to life like buzzing beehive. The academic spirit seems over the top. No one can explain the…

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Self-care pays off 

Work is never ending on the Dalhousie University campus.   Midterms, papers, jobs, and extracurricular activities just keep piling up. The result is stress, burnout and agitation.  The remedy for this chaos is self-care. Self-care benefits your physical health and overall well-being. Practicing self-care gets neglected when our calendars are overbooked. We fall victims to the adage, “hard work pays off.”  It…

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Tips to survive exam season 

Here’s the funny thing about me writing an article about how to prep for exams: I’ve haven’t got a clue.   Knowing this about myself, I’ve consulted many experts on the topic in preparation for round one with university exams, and I’d like to share some of the advice I received with you guys.   Location, location, location  The key to…

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Coffee tunes

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The perfect one-hour playlist for coffee drinking, a sleepy Sunday morning wake up or a study session is here. Check it out     Find outdoor patio. Drink coffee. Listen to this. #blessed.    

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School on full speed: Bad for your health

University can be a stressful time, especially for first year students. Some students feel the need to take “study drugs” to increase their motivation and generally do better in school. These study drugs—prescription drugs such as Adderall—are used to increase concentration and motivation to get things completed, such as studying for that test or assignment…

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Meet the student’s arch nemesis: procrastination

With so much happening on campus, it’s sometimes essential to put off school work. But as every upper year student knows, staying at the Killam Library until closing—even with a friend—is terrible. So, do you go to the Killam and do that Stats assignment? Or will you go to the Gazette office, get some pizza—and…

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Science says you should look at cute things

Look at this photo. Now go study. (Photo from Tim Lloyd via Flickr)

We’ve all got to admit: it’s pretty hard to look at adorable images of kittens and puppies and not feel better about life. In Japan, cute things are referred to as “kawaii,” and it’s a culture that’s become increasingly popular around the world. They’re just too adorable not to share. Usually it involves baby animals…

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Study spaces during crunch time

Surprise! It’s the most wonderful time of the year: exam period is upon us once again. Every December and every April it’s like the nightmare of all the assignments, papers and exams is happening for the first time, and every semester we feel traumatized anew by the time it’s all over. These days most of…

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The Productivity Hack

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How to stay on top of your work, while still having fun Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means, miraculously, you’re already halfway through the fall term. It also means mid-term tests and assignments are going to start piling up, meaning productivity and good study habits are more essential than ever to stay on…

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Food for thought

Food for thought at paper chase

The Gazette’s picks for the city’s best study snacks  View Halifax Coffee Shops in a larger map With files from Erica Eades Welcome to Dalhousie University. I hope you’re having fun being forced into awkward conversations with strangers in an attempt to make a new group of friends as quickly as possible. These will be…

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