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Bed vs. class: the perennial dilemma

Maybe today's the day she chooses a major? (Mel Hattie photo)
Maybe today’s the day she chooses a major? (Mel Hattie photo)

Every morning, you will be faced with a difficult decision: Will I attend class today? Graeme Benjamin breaks it down for you.


  • Even though the lecture may seem useless at the time, you’ll thank yourself for attending once you see a question from that class on the final.
  • Once you’ve fallen behind, it is really hard to catch up again.
  • If you know the class is going to be solely focused on review, go anyway. It may mean the difference between a B+ and an A-.
  • The amount you’re paying for tuition is too damn high. May as well make the most of what you’re paying for.
  • You’re not going to see that cute guy or girl from class just sitting in your dorm room watching Netflix.
  • You’re interested in what you’re learning, right?


  • Well it’s…class.
  • You’re behind on something and the deadline is fast approaching (an essay, readings, a project) and two or three more hours is all you need.
  • You’re disgustingly contagious and shouldn’t see the light of day for a very long time.
  • The most wretched smelling person always seems to want to sit beside you.
  • You didn’t sleep last night and you know whatever goes in one ear is just going right back out the other.

The pros generally outweigh the cons, but special conditions apply. Go to class. Remember: ‘pain’ is temporary. A transcript (and an education!) are forever. You can thank me later.


Graeme Benjamin
Graeme Benjamin
Graeme is the Gazette's Sports Editor. He was the Assistant Sports Editor for Volume 145.

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