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Leviathan of Transphobia


What’s your name?


Nop! That’s not your name!


Nop! Nop! Not your name

I look up to a smile

A knife flipping ham

Too late we do not serve your kind

Ohh by the way are your boobs real?

Sorry the university can not help

Human Rights Commission Doors close

They might use male pronouns, don’t get upset, says the Human Rights Inspector

7 faces stare at me

We do not understand

State your full legal name

Speak louder ohh let me take my earplugs out


By the way pronouns do not exist here

I still can’t hear you

Remove the tape from her mouth

I scream

Accept our offer

NO! I will not break.

Sitting on the waterfront

Do I drownd? What’s the point nothing will change?

Anger voices fill my head

Is this worth it?

Social Isolation

I am a creature who crawel out of the seaweed

looks of disgust reflect off the water

voices ecco We do not serve Trans Women here only humans

do not sit becides me you sick bastard

homelessness, rape follows

A special strength flows out of me to continue called courage

displaying this quality results in social isolation

murdered people seen as victims

their spirits rise as warriors tonight

dreams and hopes violently shattered by an evil force

someone wants to chop me up FUCK THEM

I am not scared anymore

When I die I die without regrets

Today, Tomorrow I live as ME as Jessica

A gift so many others will not see

I am called an advocate a bad ass lady

I took a stand when no one would listen

discrimination + hatred sometimes follows me in the streets

A creature called systemic oppression lives in many of our government institutions

light explodes when advocates speak

spearing this monster

During the day I stab this monster of Transphobia

every chance I get

When I go to sleep I dream of world without hatred + transphobia

I put down my weapons until a new day begins.


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