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Love Sonnet (‘tis just is)

Just is a love as just – a love, our love,

our heart, our home – if heart is just a heart?

My heart in love is such; a turtle dove

aloft, a-lift, a-search while we’re apart.

A kiss should be, if just, your kiss unkissed,

untouched, unsought, a wish, unjust, of mine.

One kiss in turn a thrill, turns out abyss –

abyss, if just, should be a bliss – I pine.

My fire, though near a flame, is ne’er the same.

A ring, your sacred jewel, so just, so mere?

Your word: a trick, a rhyme, a trance, a game.

Is love so just, so cruel as so appears?

The slipper fits the foot, a black suede glove

‘tis just, unjust, tsk tsk ‘tis hate, ‘tis love!

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