Maya Soukup

She got over her mental fear of thinking she isn't smart enough

Major: Fourth year Earth Sciences

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Proudest accomplishment: Getting over my mental fear of thinking I can’t do an honours degree, that I’m not smart enough, or thinking I’m not smart enough to do a masters. But now, I’m like yeah, I applied for honours last week, I can apply for a masters.

Next big thing she wants to achieve: I want to go on a trip within the next 10 years where I hit all the national park in the States. I was in a few of them in May for field school, in Death Valley, so I want to see them all.

Favourite pizza flavour: I don’t like to pay for pizza that’s just cheese, but I like cheese pizza. I also like Greek.

From a friend: “I am lucky to count among my peers so many successful women in STEM. I am nominating Maya Soukup because, even amongst giants, her shoulders rise above the rest.

From her very first semester, Maya has been a member of the Dawson Geology Society. Unlike so many of us, she found her passion early and pursued it with all but contagious passion and energy. This was recognized by the Earth Sciences department and earned her the G.V. Douglas Memorial Award for her year.

Throughout her third year, she completed her co-op in the Dalhousie Basin & Reservoir Lab. She has presented her undergraduate research at conferences, attended two advanced field schools, and this spring her team represented Dalhousie at the 2016 Imperial Barrel Award competition – all while exceeding the rigorous expectations of her co-op.

Maya’s achievements, particularly in this male-dominated STEM field, are simply outstanding. She is truly a gem.”   –Kate Wood

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