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Maya Soukup

Major: Fourth year Earth Sciences Hometown: Calgary, AB Proudest accomplishment: Getting over my mental fear of thinking I can’t do an honours degree, that I’m not smart enough, or thinking I’m not smart enough to do a masters. But now, I’m like yeah, I applied for honours last week, I can apply for a masters.…

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Francesca Handy

Hometown: Waterloo, ON Major: Final year of a combined honours in journalism and Spanish/Latin American studies Proudest achievement to date: Being able to be more myself to let some really great people in my life. Next big thing she wants to achieve: Great hair. Favourite pizza flavour: As of late, seitan sausages and broccolini. From a friend: “Amazing!” -Olivia…

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Improv yourself

Make ’em Ups’ co-owner and founder Owen Stanford wants to ensure that anyone can engage with his improv company. Make ’em Ups performs improv shows, as well as offers classes, which welcome players of all levels. “I just want it to be the most inclusive here [in Nova Scotia], make it accessible for everyone,” says…

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