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Stars and Hearts

I sit on sand, ruffling with the wind;

I hear the hushes of every wave;

I feel crawling waters licking my toes;

I smell and savor the fresh, salty air —

All heralding a display in heaven.


Up there, amid the gloom of night,

Has become a rostrum of lights:

There play great Alexander,

Noble Roman emperors,

Magnificent Charlemagne,

And all the martyrs and saints;

Temujin the Mongolian,

Thunderous Napoleon,

Hard-nosed Otto von Bismarck

And all other patriarchs;

As well as honored artists

And all their grand-schemed travails.


To be a glitter that can’t be touched

Is what I am smitten with so much.

But can their vast wisdom tell me

How to shine the world from darkness

If so soon a sweet voice I hear

And if my arm feels caresses

Brushing-off all my luster?

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