Take care of your heart

In a few years the Dalplex will not be the only place on campus to work out. (Ian Froese photo)

(Ian Froese photo)

Life’s twists and turns are navigated by hopping from one choice to the next, making sense of it as you go along. It’s impossible to dictate your circumstances, and you will be pushed both physically and intellectually your entire life, university and beyond.

You can handle it and thrive. Trial and error are your friends, so long as you take care of yourself at all times. Have fun and work hard, but take time aside to give your body and mind what it needs.

This means making a conscious effort to drink a lot of water, not just coffee and alcohol. It means being honest with yourself when you are tired and need sleep. It means being choosy and deliberate about what types and amounts of food you are putting in your body. Above all, listen to your inner voice; it is both your guide and your truest friend.


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