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Take Life, Never Imagination

She caressed his cheek and he whimpered as he awoke on a sandy beach in the heat of summer. The lingering odor of her sweet floral perfume danced around his nose. He had to find her. He waded deep into the warm ocean water. The clear, majestic liquid lapped at his bare knees as he looked around the oasis. Tall palm trees with flowing emerald leaves laced dainty islands growing out of the distant sea. They were tall and beautiful like his love, but they were not his love.

The man curled up in his sheets and jumped into the ocean. The water licked him all around. It was cool and comforting, but he needed to find her. He separated the waves with his hands and struggled to find a piece of land in sight. He was losing strength and eventually he fell to the floor. He sank into the unknown depth of the seductive water. Several lime-colored fish darted past him with incredible speed. He exhaled frail bubbles that sped to the surface. He gazed at a piece of striking coral. What the sea had to offer was so unique, but not as alluring as his love.

She gently picked him up and set him back on the bed. He rolled around on the forest floor in search of her. The backdrop was a brilliant palette of soft greens and dark browns. He walked past a cascading waterfall that emitted a gushing sound that made his ears tingle with pleasure. He coughed and she cried. He coughed blood, but it became rose petals. Brilliant petals of red exploded from his mouth and decorated the woodland floor in extravagant ways. He fell to his knees and she rushed to his side from behind a thick oak tree. She patted him on the back but he continued to choke. His white sheets were soaked with red. She hugged him and he closed his eyes.

Nicole let a soft tear trickle down her ashen cheek. She prepared to leave the hospital. She took a glance back at her husband as he lay quietly in the white bed, covered in unwrinkled sheets. She noticed that he had stopped breathing. She left the drab hospital while choking back tearful sobs. She looked back one last time and couldn’t help but smile. Even though Riley would no longer make her life colourful, he would at least fill heaven with his rich dreams.


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