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Better than instant ramen?

Cheap(ish) healthy eateries to save you from a study slump

It’s exam season folks, and during this time students typically cook less and eat more foods that don’t make them feel good. Instant ramen, Subway sandwiches and frozen pizzas are my typical study-time foods for when I’m just too stressed to cook. But, there are better options!

There are restaurants near campus that are delicious, quick and cheap. Plus, they’ll provide you with more nourishment than your favourite instant ramen packet. 

Jacky’s Cafe

If you’re looking for something to warm you up on a chilly night, Jacky’s Cafe has the most delectable wonton soup. This Chinese spot is hidden in the Halifax Professional Centre on the corner of Coburg Road and Robie Street. It’s super close to campus, which makes it easy to stop by during long study hours at the Killam. 

The service is always super quick, and the staff are always incredibly sweet to their customers. Every time I have eaten there, it only takes around half an hour to order, eat and go. It’s always worth it to stop here for soup that tastes just like mom makes. 

Indochine Bánh Mì

Looking for something different than your typical sandwich order? Bánh mì might be just what you need. Bánh mì are Vietnamese sandwiches served on a crispy baguette and filled with citrus mayo, pickled carrot and daikon, cucumber, cilantro, bird’s eye chillies and your choice of protein. These delicious sandwiches can also be made vegan!

Indochine Bánh Mì is located on South Park Street, just opposite the Halifax Public Gardens. It is a bit further away from campus but super worth it if you are studying at the Halifax Central Library, or even if you just need a walk to refresh your brain!

Stellar sushi spots

Sushi is a top-tier study meal, and I will not be accepting other opinions. It’s brain food and satisfies in a way that no other food can. 

I’ll start with a spot that almost every Dalhousie and King’s student knows. Wasabi House. It’s cheap, fast and located just north of campus at Quinpool Road and Oxford Street. 

But, there are better places. Sushi Nami Royale, located right next to the Halifax Central Library on Queen Street, is a wonderfully zen place to study and eat incredible sushi. They even have great cocktails to treat yourself with when you’re done studying, or while you’re studying, live your truth!

And what about Halifax’s best sushi spot you might ask? It’s a little far from campus, but if you’re up in the North End, Kofuku has the absolute best sushi in Halifax. I simply cannot talk sushi without mentioning it. Kofuku is on Robie Street, just south of Almon Street, and the specialty rolls are a must-try.

Take a study break and eat some good food if you can. Good luck with your exams folks! You got this. 


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