Monday, June 24, 2024

Matters of the heart

Putting your heart on the line is all fun and games until your emotions are made to pay the fine!

Matters of the heart

Summertime heart needing a fix

Across the room denims with your layered jacket

Have progressed to distressed jeans paired with a white tank and a shirt with graphics

As you head to the movies, holding popcorn and a gummy bear packet

It was waves that hit the shores, but the plot yearns for more

So, throwing caution to the wind, thinking this is a win

Head to thrift right above Glitter Bean at Has Bin 

I call, it heads to voicemail, that ship has sailed

Matters of the heart, well that’s an art

Maybe being honest with intentions should have been the way to start

Could it be, could it not, felt like crushed velvet on the wayside

Felt like it was time to run and hide

A ray of light walks in, with a swipe, could this app be worth the hype

Will time be in our favour, so we try different ice creams 

Someone with a personality and coloured hair, are you more than just my type

Got me looking at my phone screen while on my face a light beams

Now in a black trench lined with fur, I walk in the snow

From my eyes, memories of the last three months stream

Matters of the heart, well that’s an art

Well, you treated my heart like a board, and you threw a dart

Giving it my all, I’m convinced that I can make life a ball 

Hop into my Sambas, I know you like to waltz, do opposites attract

Or is this going to be another reason my heart does a fall

Meeting your friends is where I felt it was time to retract

Hitting the town, watching you under the hand of an influence

Is it you or the image that has got me attract

A melting pot of lines and white lies with Dior and Prada

That shopping trip downtown, haven’t seen you since

Matters of the heart, well that’s an art

Looking good for pictures, I was the only one doing my part 

Different from the rest, could this be what I need

Ditching my Crocs for boots

To my friend’s advice, I should have given heed

Hitting the outdoors worlds apart from parties and glitzy shoots

Got you wrapped around my finger like a rose to its stem

But when the petals fell off it was thorny lies 

At least now, my baggy pants do not need a hem

Swore I saw stars in your eyes, but after a while, even a star dies

Matters of the heart, well that’s an art

Was it doomed from the start? At least I got your Carhartt

Poles apart, but your quiet charm had me chasing

Had a good thing but our quick story had me pacing 

Walking back doors so no one could spot us, we ignored the red flags 

We walked back from the store with our tote bags 

Did not make sense on paper but in my head 

It was a storybook that deserved to be read

Guess that is what happens when you catch feelings too late 

You watch as they go with another on a first date 

Matters of the heart, well that’s an art

Was able to detach quickly for which I do feel smart 

Feels like the apple from Eden

Friends telling me that you are gonna leave my heart bleeding

Your private school charm, Ralph Lauren models aim to exude

Winter is here, with the holiday season cheer

What’s got you scared, is it rejection or fear

Stores bringing out new collections for summer or fall

Conversations with a mirror-like talking to a wall

Empathy and compassion are virtues you could try to learn

Some things cannot be fixed with a flight ticket to Toronto or Melbourne

Matters of the heart, well that’s an art

Guess I am clueless when it comes to matters of the heart!


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