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Are you being gaslit?

Gaslighting is when someone makes you question your thoughts, feelings and reality, using your self-doubt as a weapon of manipulation. Gaslighting is emotional abuse. It’s when someone hurts you – and instead of acknowledging your feelings, they turn it against you.   Your emotions are made out to be trivial, invalid and are effectively silenced.   Someone…

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Take care of yourself, dude

In this image: A mug rests in a man's hands.

At the end of every January, the Bell Let’s Talk campaign, asks Canadians to talk about mental health. Though some have a harder time starting those conversations than others.   “While rates of mental illness are comparable between men and women, men are less likely to recognize, talk about and seek treatment for their illness.” This is according…

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Love, the universal language?

In this image: Close-up of holding hands.

“So, what’s your relationship status?”   Three international students sit in The Dalhousie Gazette office, looking at each other sheepishly. They’re here to discuss their relationship experiences.   International students come from many languages, countries and backgrounds. But these are only the tip of the cultural iceberg. Differences may go deeper, to beliefs, attitudes and values.  Renayre is from the U.S. and in her second year…

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Open Cuffing Season

A couple leaning their heads on each other.

Winter months bring the holidays. The air gets colder and the snow in Halifax will start to fall. It’s also cuffing season.   Cuffing season is a time of year where people often find themselves wishing to be in a committed relationship. But why?   A study done by the dating app Hinge found that men are 15 per cent more likely to look for a…

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10 porn moves that don’t work

Womens’ orgasms are not given the priority they deserve. Western, heterosexual sex culture is heavily biased toward the penis-possessing counterparts. This bias takes many forms. It’s visible in all forms of mass media. It’s also visible in societal attitudes, in the ways that sex is discussed in classrooms and in day-to-day life. Perhaps the most…

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Stop lying to yourself 

There’s an element of uncertainty in everything we do – in deciding what to make for breakfast, whether to watch one more episode on Netflix, or to send that risky text.   We’re uncertain of our actions, but we’re even dicier in our judgement of other folks actions.   When it comes to judging other’s actions, uncertainties breed misinterpretations.   Friends and coworkers, being more lighthearted, are forgiving in their misjudgments. Partners, on the other hand,…

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Friends are undervalued!

Man meets beautiful woman who has no time for him. Somehow they end up spending a lot of time together. Inevitably they fall in love – they meet, it’s cute. But something inevitably goes wrong. They fight. Make-up. And get married.   Our movies and stories tell us that this romantic relationship is the most important kind of relationship.  But it’s not that simple. Romantic relationships are great. For some people, they’re the…

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The Turkey Dump

This is the time of year when students get to go home after being away for the first time and spend time with family. And break up with their significant other. When it happens there will be sadness and tears. Anguished cries and texts of “how could they!?” will be sent to besties across the…

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Re-Defining the Valentine

Valentine’s Day seems to be fast losing its traditional essence of splurging on your significant other. “It’s more about spending time with each other,” Shayna Greenough says, “I don’t care about a gift. I’d rather get a cute note and a kiss.” This is a common theme among my peers, as I ask each of my friends…

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