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Love at first spike. (David Munro photo)

Love at first spike. (David Munro photo)

Love at first spike. (David Munro photo)

Love at first spike. (David Munro photo)

How well do you know Alex?

What is Alex’s middle name?

Petra: “Christopher, even though he denies it.”

Does he have any nicknames?

P: “Dempsey, people call him.”

What is his favourite sports team?

P: “Oh, no.”
Alex: “I don’t talk about it much.”
P: “I don’t know.”
A: “Your dad likes them.”
P: “Toronto Maple Leafs?”

Who is his favourite athlete?

A: “I just put a name for this. It’s basketball. He’s injured.”
P: “Is it not who we were watching the dunks of last night?”
A: “No, no.”
P: “I don’t know.”
Alex’s answer: Derrick Rose. 

What is Alex’s best personal sports moment?

P: “Volleyball?”
A: “Mm-hmm.”
P: “Was it winning AUS last year?”
A: “Yeah, I put that, and provincials too.”
P: “High school?”
A: “Club. That’s good, though.”

What is his favourite book?

P: “Is it that one that’s coming out with a movie? I can’t think of what it’s called, but I know it’s about space and this guy that gets recruited…”
A: “She’s right.”
P: “But what’s it called?”
Alex’s answer: Ender’s Game.    

What is his favourite movie?

P: “Goodfellas.”
A: “Jeez. We’re doing a lot better than I thought we would.”

Favourite musician?

P: “Depending on what genre, I’m gonna go with Stan Rogers.”
A: “Nice.”
P: “Or gangster rap.”

Favourite song?

A: “I forget what I put already.”
Alex’s answer: “Jumper”
A: “Oh, ‘Jumper!’ I just played it like a hundred times.”
P: “We listened to it together during exam time.”
A: “It’s super old. I don’t even know how it came up. I was hoping you’d remember that one.”

What never fails to make Alex laugh?

P: “Hint?”
A: “Nope. It’s something you do.”
P: “When I tell stories and can’t finish because I’m laughing too hard?”

What does he complain about the most?

P: “What doesn’t he complain about the most? (laughs)”
A: “It’s volleyball-related.”
P: “Being hurt?”
A: “Mondays and Wednesdays.”
P: “Morning workouts or practice.”

What made Alex fall for you in the first place?

P: “My good looks? (laughs) Just kidding, I don’t know.”
A: “I would’ve put that. I put sense of humour, too.”

What is his dream job?

P: “To win the lottery (laughs).”
Alex’s answer: Pro athlete.

What’s the first thing he’d buy if he won the lottery today?

A: “This is a boring answer.”
P: “Is it a material possession?”
A: “Yeah, I guess so.”
P: “A car?”
A: “No. A house. It’s a house, right? That’s a boring answer.”

How well do you know Petra?

What city was Petra born in?

Alex: “Bridgetown? Middleton?”
Petra: “I was supposed to go to Middleton, but there was a complication, so I went to Kentville. But it was a good guess (laughs).”

When is her birthday?

A: “(Pause) October 8th.”
P: “So nerve-wracking!”

What is her favourite sports team?

A: “The team playing against whoever her dad is cheering for. Is that what you put?”
P: “I didn’t say my dad, I just said the opposite of whoever I’m watching the game with (laughs).”

Who is her favourite athlete?

A: “Oh, God. No idea.”
P: “I wrote Alex Dempsey.”

What is Petra’s best personal sports moment?

A: “52 points in a basketball game?”
P: “No, it was 55.”
A. “Not that one? Is it volleyball?”
P: “Yup.”
A: “Winning provincials.”

What is her favourite book?

A: “Twilight.
P: “I put that and another one.”
A: “Another one? The Lovely Bones.”
P: “Good job.”

What is her favourite movie?

A: “You have like 500 favourite movies.”
P: “We watched it together when I won a bet.”
A: “Oh. The Notebook.”

Favourite food?

A: “I should know this.”
P: “You can get it at the mall or a restaurant. We always get it when we go to the mall.”
A: “Pad Thai. I was gonna say that (laughs).”

How did you two meet?

A: “In meal hall. Is that what you put?”
P: “Yeah. But I put the time I remember you most is from Varsity Night when I drank out of your necklace. I poured beer into it and then I drank it.”

Where did you go on your first date?

A: “Was it Hamachi House? Was that the first date? Damn it.”
P: “That was one of the first ones. I put when we went for wings for your birthday.”
A: “That’s a good one. Should’ve thought of that.”

Where was your first kiss?

A: “The Lower Deck.”
P: “Embarrassing! So romantic (laughs).”

What made Petra fall for you in the first place?

A: “In meal hall one day, I was joking around about getting a tattoo. What did you put?”
P: “That’s what I put.”

How does Petra hope to spend Valentine’s Day?

A: “They’re gonna be away, so with her team.”
P: “I’ll be away at our AUS championships in Newfoundland, so via Skype?”

What’s the first thing she’d buy if she won the lottery today?

A: “A car?”
P: “Yup.”
A: “And something else?”
P: “And a lot of clothes.”
A: “A lot of clothes. I should’ve known that.”


Alex answered: 9/14 correctly (64.3%)

Petra answered: 8/13 correctly (61.5%)

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