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Vanishing into “How to Disappear Completely”

By Meagan Wiederman, Arts Contributor • February 4, 2014

Itai Erdal and his mother. (Photo by Johan Lavine via Portland Institute for Contemporary Art)

REVIEW: Vancouverite Itai Erdal’s autobiographical tale of assisted suicide and maternal reationships comes to The Bus Stop Theatre
In September 2000, lighting designer Itai Erdal …

In for the long haul

By Jackson Haime, Opinions Contributor • November 21, 2013


Five fun activities to pass the festive time
Alright everyone, it’s almost time for us all to go home and spend some time with our …

Theatre and music merge

By Jesse Ward, Editor-in-chief • November 1, 2013


New school of performing arts made possible by $10M donation
Dalhousie University’s theatre and music departments will merge into the Fountain School of Performing Arts …

Dalhousie actor snags role in AFF film

By Meagan Wiederman, Arts Contributor • September 20, 2013

Josh Cruddas, a Dalhousie grad, landed a role in a feature film. (press photo)

Local talent to appear in Copperhead
A recent Dalhousie graduate, Josh Cruddas will be appearing in the Civil War feature film Copperhead as Jimmy, an orphan …

Where to see plays in Halifax

By Zoe Doucette, Assistant Arts Editor • September 2, 2013


In spite of your lengthy Netflix queue, theatre lives on. Get out of the house and plop your bum in a seat at one of …

Redefining Theatre: the King’s Infringement Festival

By Leah Shangrow, Arts Contributor • February 15, 2013

A scene from the Infringement play

Student plays break the mold

Strawberries in January

By Emma Romano, News Contributor • January 19, 2013

All the stars: Sophie, Francois and the berries. (Emma Romano photo)

Strawberries in January, written by Évelyne de la Chenelière in French and translated by Morwyn Brebner, is a story about saying the wrong thing …

Where the hell is everyone trying to get to?

By Kathleen Stairs, Sports Contributor • October 26, 2012

They can run but they can’t hide

The aura of the small theatre was one of uncertainty: in the background wind whispered secrets while low yellow light illuminated the set. Before …

Lilah Kemp: the hero version

By Dalhousie Gazette Staff • October 5, 2012


By Kristen Reid and Kathleen Stairs, Arts Contributors
Picture this: a small black room strewn with artistic patrons holding mason jars full of wine and …

Sweeney Todd serves meat pie to get even

By Candace Thomson, Arts Contributor • September 28, 2012


Correction: The original version of this article gave the final show date of Sweeney Todd as Nov. 7. It is in fact Oct. 7. …