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Anti-Cosmo Sex Tips

The Gazette takes on Cosmopolitan for some REAL sex advice

Cosmo Sex Tip #1

“If the sex is getting boring, don’t have a serious conversation – take action instead.”

Gazette Sex Tip Rebuttal #1

If the sex is getting boring, have a chat about maybe spicing it up a bit. You can do this in a lot of ways, like making a list of things you’d like to try, or else giving yourselves a challenge (like sex seven times, in seven days, in seven different places).


Cosmo Sex Tip #2

“In your meanest schoolteacher voice, tell him to go stand in a corner facing the wall and not to move. After a few minutes, demand that he get in bed and ravage you.”

Gazette Sex Tip Rebuttal #2

When role-playing, discuss with your partner(s) what situations seem sexy to you. Talk about who is going to play what role. Discuss what you do and don’t want (voices? Costumes? Etc.) Choose a safe word that will take you both out of character if you’re uncomfortable (this should be something that wouldn’t just come up during the role play, like pineapple … unless it’s a Hawaiian tropics role play).


Cosmo Sex Tip #3

“Suggestions for light BDSM: Press a fork (firmly, but don’t break the skin or anything) into different parts of his body – his butt cheeks, his pecs, and his thighs. Get him to wrap your wrist and ankles in toilet paper for a lighter restraint.”

Gazette Sex Tip Rebuttal #3

If you think that seems hot, go for it. If not, consider other light BDSM options like using ice, tying up your hands, role-play, blindfolding, soft biting, etc. Just remember, it’s all about what you and your partner(s) think you might like, and it’s important to discuss beforehand and afterwards how you feel about certain activities.


Cosmo Sex Tip #4

“If the sex is too long or too short, keep in mind that sex lasting from 7 to 13 minutes is the most desirable.”

Gazette Sex Tip Rebuttal #4

Talk to your partner(s) about your needs. If you need your partner(s) to last a little longer, think about ways to incorporate foreplay first. If you wish they’d cum quicker find out what they like, or what works for them. Also, sex doesn’t have to be a goal-oriented activity – it’s not always about the orgasm.


And some just straight-up better sex tips:

Gazette Sex Tip #1

Know thyself. Yeah, that’s right, I’m talking about masturbation. Guys do it. Girls do it. Non-binary folk do it. It’s all about learning what you like. Head into Venus Envy, chat with them about some toys you might want to try out (butt plugs, anal beads, vibrators, dildos, cock rings, flesh lights, all great options for alone and partner play) and start exploring. If you know what you like, you can share that with your partner(s) and I guarantee it’ll make the sex better for you.

Gazette Sex Tip #2

Make a want – will – won’t list with your partner(s). In one column put things you really like, or would really like to try. In the next, things you’re totally fine with doing if they’re into it, and in the last, things that you just don’t want to include in your sexual activities. Then, compare with your partner(s) and if you want, make a list of new activities to try together.

Gazette Sex Tip #3

Discuss what you like in bed with your sexual partner(s). People assume certain areas are erogenous and others aren’t but it varies a lot depending on the person. If him sucking on your nipples isn’t doing it for you, let him know. If you want her to suck on your nipples, let her know. If you’re really into having your inner arm touched, talk about that too. Everyone is different and knowing what your partner likes will make the sex infinitely better.


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