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2015’s Most Eligible Tigers

All photos by Gabby Peyton.

These aren’t your average students. They’re student-athletes. *Swoon*

Their game is just as strong off the court as it is on. They’re ready to score. To take it the extra mile, if you will. Had enough sports puns/references yet? Yeah, us too.

For this year’s edition of Dalhousie’s Most Eligible Tigers, we got inside the heads of nine of the hottest single athletes in order to figure out what gets ‘em fired up (or, in the case of socks in bed, not at all fired up in any way, shape or form.) Not only do they keep a stellar GPA and way more athletically blessed than most of us could ever hope to be, they’re all genuinely funny and super nice. Your average nightmare.

We’ve got something for everyone this year. Like beards and man buns? How about a wicked sense of humour? Hotties with bodies? Blondes or brunettes? Or both? Read on.

So, to all the single Dal students out there this Valentine’s Day, this one’s for you. You’re welcome.

Kayte Kowal


KayteKowal.Print KayteKowal.Online

Best date: Last summer. It was a really nice day with clear skies, we went down to the marketplace. Then he let me drive his sports car. It was red and fast. I didn’t ask questions about how he could afford it.
Worst date: He took me to play pool at Oasis. It was pretty scary and smelt like smoke. I went to be polite.
Love at first sight?: It works for some people.
Most attractive feature you look for: Tall, confident and not too skinny.
Your best feature: I love my long legs in the summer.
What meal would you could cook to impress a date?: I make the best waffles. My waffle iron was the best investment ever.
Celebrity crush: Tom Welling. Anyone with blue eyes.
Worst pickup line you’ve ever heard/used: “Why don’t we go back to my place and test out the spring constant of my mattress?”

Favourite hookup song: Flashing Lights by Kanye West or Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore.
Why date a long distance runner?: Like the trails I run on, I like it rough.
Adam Lewis
Track Sprints

AdamLewis.Print AdamLewis.Online

Best date: Bali this summer. Thank god for Tinder. Matched with a fellow Canadian who was there as an au pair, and she was a goddess. Had a couple drinks at the Potato Head Beach Club.
Worst date: There are no bad dates with Adam Lewis.
Deal breaker: Doesn’t like dogs. My dog in particular.
Love at first sight?: Yeah.
Most attractive feature you look for: There’s just so many things … nice smile and ambitious.
Your best feature: Cute dog. [Laughs]. Sense of humour … I do like my hair, though.
What meal would you cook to impress a date?: Something with meat, to flush out the vegans.
Celebrity crush: Scarlett Johansson.
Funniest pick up line you’ve heard/used: “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple.” Or, “Hey girl, is that an inhaler in your pocket? Cause you got dat ass-ma.”
Favourite hookup song: Good Morning by Kanye West or Feels Like The First Time by Foreigner … but maybe that gives the wrong idea.
Hookup faux pas: Doesn’t take me out for breakfast.
Ideal first date: Head to the farmer’s market for coffee and breakfast, then Split Crow for a beer bracelet, then surfing, then back to SC for power hour.
Why should someone date you: In the bedroom, I’m okay with coming second.



Scarlett Smith

ScarlettSmith.Print ScarlettSmith.Online
Best date: At my cottage. We had a bonfire on the beach at night.
Deal breaker: Bad shoe game.
Love at first sight?: No … well, maybe.
Most attractive feature you look for: Nice smile and sense of humour.
Your best feature: Simple things make me happy.
What meal would you could cook to impress a date?: BBQ ribs… probably just because I like them.
Celebrity crush: Tyler Seguin.
Favourite hookup song: Ride by SoMo.
Hookup faux pas: Socks in bed.
Ideal first date: If we’re gonna go big, a professional sports game and then froyo.
Why should someone date you?: I’ll play around with balls, but I always want to score.

Sean Dodds

SeanDodds.Print SeanDodds.Online
Best date: Back home in Ottawa. On Canada Day, the city is really busy downtown so we walked around and then watched the fireworks at night.
Worst date: A few years ago we went to a carnival and she wanted to go on all the spinning rides. After the fifth ride I had to yak. I managed to hold it in but I was acting weird.
Deal breaker: Cigarette smoker.
Love at first sight?: Yeah.
Most attractive feature you look for: Nice legs.
Your best feature: Nice beard.
What meal would you cook to impress a date?: I make a mean chicken parmesan.
Celebrity crush: Niykee Heaton – she’s fire.
Favourite hookup song: Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye.
Why should someone date you?: I can handle a double team.
Glenn Lassaline
GlennLassaline.Print   GlennLassaline.Online
Best date: Glow-in-the-dark mini-putt.
Deal breaker: Airhead.
Love at first sight?: A strong, unequivocal yes.
Most attractive feature you look for: Eyes and thighs.
Your best feature: I got nothing.
What meal would you cook to impress a date?: Eggs. Something with eggs in a breakfast fashion.
Celebrity crush: Jennifer Aniston, at any age.
Worst pickup line you’ve used: I tried, “I’m a varsity athlete.” It didn’t work at all.
Hookup faux pas: Doesn’t love me the next morning.
Ideal first date: Skydiving.
Why someone should date you?: I’m always looking to hit it … like volleyball, right?
Doriana Homerski
DorianaHomerski.Print DorianaHomerski.Online
Best date: We were just hanging out outside on one of those nice summer nights, nothing fancy, but still good.
Your best feature: I’m a mix of Lady Gaga, Chelsea Handler and Kristen Wiig.
What meal would you cook to impress a date?: Nice juicy steak and oysters.
Celebrity crush: Cristiano Ronaldo.
Favourite hookup song: Crazy In Love remix from the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack.
Ideal first date: Walking around aimlessly through the night, maybe to the waterfront, secretly hoping he’ll buy me food.
Why date a soccer player?: I love smacking balls off my forehead.
Abby Czenze
AbbyCzenze.Print AbbyCzenze.Online
Best date: Cuba on spring break. Not an official date but we walked on the beach and drank a bunch. It was fun.
Worst date: We went for a walk around the city, but he didn’t prepare me for how long we’d be outside and it was freezing. I had frozen fingers by the end of it.
Deal breaker: No sense of humour.
Love at first sight?: Sure, sometimes.
Most attractive feature you look for: Tall and driven.
Your best feature: Thoughtful.
What meal would you cook to impress a date?: French toast is my go-to.
Celebrity crush: Chris Hemsworth.
Worst pickup line you’ve ever heard/used: “If you were a helicase, I would let you unzip my genes.”
Favourite hookup song: Talk Dirty To Me by Jason DeRulo.
Hookup faux pas: Hickies.
Ideal first date: Anything outdoors – something fun and light.
Why should someone date you?: As a setter, I’m really good with my hands.

Jarred Reid

JarredReid.Online JarredReid.Print
Best date: Back in Ontario about three years ago. We went to Korean BBQ, where you have piles of meat and you cook it on the stove at the table. Stayed super late till like 3 or 4 a.m. I didn’t have a car back then so I had to bus home for like three hours. It was worth it though.
Worst date: I went to a girl’s house to hang out and the whole family was there. Ended up watching Family Feud with the family and had to leave after an hour. No call back.
Deal breaker: Needy/crazy.
Love at first sight?: Yeah.
Most attractive feature you look for: Confident and independent.
Your best feature: I think outside of the box.
What meal would you cook to impress a date?: Baked salmon with pan-fried scallops.
Celebrity crush: Sofia Vergara.
Worst pickup line you’ve heard/used: “Baby! Are your legs tired, cause you been running through my mind all day… come here girl.”
Favourite hookup song: Anything by Boyz 2 Men.
Hookup faux pas: Socks in bed.
Ideal first date: A poetry club — try something new. I wouldn’t perform myself, though.
Why should someone date you?: Best part of my game is my D.
JP Wellington
Track Sprints
JWellington.Online JWellington.Print
Best date: Anything that involves the beach.
Worst date: We were going to a party and I got caught speeding. I still had an N on my licence so I wasn’t allowed to drive after midnight. So the cop followed us home. But she had to spend the night, so it worked out.
Deal breaker: Smoking, no sense of humour.
Love at first sight?: Does Emilia Clarke count? Yes.
Most attractive feature you look for: Hair.
Your best feature: Really easygoing.
What meal would you cook to impress a date?: A pizza, but a healthy pizza. Everybody likes pizza but we’re athletes so it has to be healthy. Lots of chicken on it.
Celebrity crush: Emilia Clarke.
Favourite hookup song: Alone by Heart.
Ideal first date: Coffee, then walk around the boardwalk and grab ice cream.
Why should someone date you?: I’m really good around curves.
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