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Dalhousie’s who’s who: Miss Louise Bishop

Originally published March 14, 1941 in Volume 73, Issue 19 – the co-ed edition – of the Dalhousie Gazette  

The little lady whose picture appears above is the songbird of Dalhousie, otherwise called Miss Louise Bishop.  

Louise was born in Bridgetown and went to high school there. During her early schooling she not only led her class but participated in many athletics, chiefly softball, basketball and field hockey. Miss Bishop next went to Normal School where she was elected Class President.  

In the Fall of ’39 Louise entered Dal as a freshie-soph, with an Elizabeth McKenna scholarship. Almost immediately Miss Bishop started to take a keen interest in extra-curricular activities. Debating against Mt. Allison and University of New Brunswick, Louise won her Gold “D” for intercollegiate debating. Glee Club is also another branch in which Louise has participated. More than once her lovely voice has enthralled Dalhousie audiences. 

This year Louise was an Arts and Science representative on the Students’ Council and also a member of the Council Executive. As secretary-treasurer of Delta Gamma, Miss Bishop has done an outstanding job and has built a solid foundation upon which her duties as President of the organization for next year will undoubtedly revolve.  

Besides being a member of this year’s Munro Day Committee, Louise is also on the committee in charge of the International Student’s Service campaign. 

In the recent elections Louise “topped the pole” in regaining her seat on the Council for next year. Being a student of English, Miss Bishop is a member of Midlothian and also a literary contributor to the Gazette. In the Music Festival last year Louise won the Mezzo Soprano Solo cup.  

A year from now Louise hopes to become a Bachelor of Arts. A noble profession will claim her and, needles to say, “who better than Louise to guide the destiny of the uneducated youth.” 

From the Dalhousie Gazette archives: Volume 73, Issue 19.

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