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Dalhousie’s who’s who: Webster MacDonald

Originally published Oct. 11, 1940 in Volume 73, Issue 2 of the Dalhousie Gazette 

This week we introduce to you the Vice-President of the Students’ Council, that versatile personage, “Wubber MacTunnelled”. Webbie first saw the light of day in Kentville, Nova Scotia. It was here he started his academic career, later furthering his studies in Montreal and Kings County Academy. In the fall of 1937 he came to Dalhousie with an Entrance Scholarship as a student in Arts, and on May 14, 1940 he received his degree with honors in Public Administration. This year he has entered first year Law. 

Webster’s abilities are many and varied. In a literary field he has an outstanding record; first year as editor the King’s College Record, second year winner of the $200 James DeMille Essay Prize, and last but not least, Editor of the Dalhousie Gazette for the year 1939-1940. This year he is looking after the Students’ Directory. 

In the field of sport Webbie ranks high. During the last two years he has more than capably played on both the senior rugby and the senior hockey teams. Badminton is another sport in which he excels. In boxing he displays the ability of knowing how to ‘throw his punches’, and he is far above average as wielder of the tennis racquet. 

As a swashbuckling Romeo in the tragical farce of “Romeo and Juliet” as put on by King’s College last year, Webbie’s talents will never be forgotten; and neither, we venture to say, will his talents as an off-stage Romeo. 

Another great triumph was the Sadie Hawkins dance, where once again he stood out as the prize-winner for the evening, with his life-like impersonation of the McGoons of Skunk Hollow. 

The sum total of all this is – Webbie, a grand guy! 

From Dalhousie Gazette archives: Volume 73, Issue 2.

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