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Dalhousie students hitting the stage at DalFest

On September 14 and 15 two Dalhousie acts will be opening for some crazy talent at DalFest.  Dal students and musicians Blake d’Entremont and Alex Pottier of the band Honeymoon Driver (previously known as Soapbox Opera) will be opening for The Glorious Sons – a JUNO decorated rock band who’ve opened for The Rolling Stones…

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Dalhousie’s who’s who: Miss Louise Bishop

Originally published March 14, 1941 in Volume 73, Issue 19 – the co-ed edition – of the Dalhousie Gazette   The little lady whose picture appears above is the songbird of Dalhousie, otherwise called Miss Louise Bishop.   Louise was born in Bridgetown and went to high school there. During her early schooling she not only led…

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Dalhousie’s who’s who: Webster MacDonald

Originally published Oct. 11, 1940 in Volume 73, Issue 2 of the Dalhousie Gazette  This week we introduce to you the Vice-President of the Students’ Council, that versatile personage, “Wubber MacTunnelled”. Webbie first saw the light of day in Kentville, Nova Scotia. It was here he started his academic career, later furthering his studies in…

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Dalhousie’s who’s who: George Piercey

Originally published Nov. 15, 1940 in Volume 73, Issue 7 of the Dalhousie Gazette  This week we introduce you to a real Haligonian – a chap who was born in Armdale – none other than George Piercey, B.A., B. Com.   George went to Bloomfield High and while there he was active in cadet training. He…

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It’s OK to be SAD

Heavy workloads and long winters can leave students susceptible to depression. (Photo by Asrar Ul Haq)

  In recent years, mental health awareness and reported forms of mental instability have increased. The Mental Health Commission of Canada states that one in five Canadians experience mental health problems. Contemporary understandings of mental health address the effect of stress not only on mental health, but also physical health. Many people treated for heart…

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