Fun movies for wine lovers

Even when you're tired, your wine fix just won't go away. (Jessica Emin photo)

Even when you’re tired, your wine fix just won’t go away. (Jessica Emin photo)

There are only so many events you can plan surrounding wine, if that’s your thing. You’ve got dinner parties for pairings, blind tastings and…drinking games? But when it’s cold outside and you’ve had a long week, a night on the couch can seem much more appealing. You could indulge in some great movies on wine, for example. Among these six movies ranging from documentary to satire, you are sure to find at least one that will be to your liking.

Clearly, it’s not possible to watch a movie about wine without savouring a few glasses and snacks. Popcorn, the most common movie treat, goes fantastic with a Chardonnay that is oaked or has gone through malolactic fermentation. A Zinfandel and licorice would pair well, as they have similar characteristics. And Beaujolais, which is light in body and often has aromas of candy and banana, would be nice with gummy bears. Dark chocolate and Merlot, both deep and heavy with bitter sweetness, are delicious, too.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, buy some late harvest wine, dessert wine or icewine (all of which are much thicker and sweeter than table wine) and pour it over ice cream or gelato. Simple flavours such as vanilla, pecan or peach are usually better for this type of recipe. Sprinkle with nuts, chopped fruit, chocolate chips, coconut or whatever you’ve got on hand.

Get into your pyjamas, find a comfy couch and pop one of these into your DVD player:


Sideways (2004)

Category: Dark comedy/drama

Miles and Jack, two middle-aged buddies, set out to explore the vineyards of California the week before Jack’s wedding. It is the cream of the crop of movies, even if you’re not a wino.


The Earth is Mine (1959)

Category: Drama

A young girl moves from England to the vineyards of California to live with her aunt and uncle, who are producing wine for bootleggers during Prohibition.


Bottle Shock (2008)

Category: Comedy

A family vineyard in California is visited by a British wine critic looking for a winning Chardonnay in an unlikely place—outside France. A quirky, lighthearted film.



Blood into Wine (2010)

Category: Documentary

Maynard James Keenan, of the successful band Tool, takes you with him on his journey to start up a vineyard in the Arizona desert.



A Good Year (2006)

Category: Romantic Comedy

A successful investment broker inherits an old vineyard where he spent his summers as a child. The dilapidated French vineyard brings challenges and love.



Corked (2009)

Category: Satire

A movie that pokes fun at all aspects of the wine industry.

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