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Hollywood award shows: changing with the times?

Headshot of Daniel Kaluuya.

Hollywood awards season is in full swing. For the past few years, award shows have been highly criticized for their lack of gender and racial diversity. But this year, things are changing.  In last year’s Golden Globes best picture nominees, only one film (Get Out) starred a leading actor of colour. Many people were also…

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A Star is Born, for the fourth time

In this image: headshot of Lady Gaga performing.

A Star is Born is the latest hit film to reach theatres this fall. But this isn’t its first time on the big screen – this film is the third remake since the original. There have been some changes.  The movie, starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, is about a young, amateur singer named Ally…

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The hype behind the horror

Boris Karloff as Frankenstein.

With Halloween right around the corner, horror movies are more popular than ever, leading to the question: what it is about them that captivates its viewers? Is it because we are secretly masochists? Do we enjoy subjecting ourselves to things that terrify us?  After polling 20 Dalhousie University students on campus about watching horror movies,…

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Movies mimicking society

The Shape of Water is not your usual Hollywood love story.   For starters, its female lead Elisa is deaf and played by an actress over the age of 25. Her best friends are also not quirky sidekicks, but an older gay artist and a black co-worker with their own struggles and desires.   And of course,…

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“It” draws you in just to freak you out

Classically, clowns are around to make you laugh – this is not the case in the film  It. The killer clown  Pennywise  is a shape shifter  whose personal  favourite  form is a tall, balding, sharpen toothed grinning clown.  His food preference: children. Surprisingly, this horrifying enigmatic creature is not the  centre  of the film. It  focuses on the…

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Sickboy documentary shows the darker side of hilarious podcast

Gut-busting podcast turns gut-retching in documentary airing tonight on CBC-TV at 9 p.m. Documentary Sickboy (2017) follows Jeremie Saunders, a 29-year-old living with Cystic Fibrosis – a fatal chronic condition – and friends Brian Stever and Taylor MacGillivary, co-creators of the podcast Sickboy. Through hilarious discussion, the trio de-stigmatizes what it is like living with daily…

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The problem with Death Note

You may have heard about the new Netflix original Death Note, a movie based on the extremely successful Japanese manga and anime. Death Note is a story about a teenage boy who finds himself in the possession of a book which gives him the power to kill anybody so long as he knows their name and what they…

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Cult films abound at Thrillema

Cult movie buffs rejoice! (photo by Alice Hebb)

Sarah Bailey was just an ordinary girl—that is, until she moved to LA and fell in with the Manon-worshipping Rochelle, Bonnie, and Nancy. Now trapped in a spiral of sex, violence, and witchcraft, Sarah has to struggle to get out alive. No, it’s not the set up for a new saucy teen angst movie series—it’s…

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Fun movies for wine lovers

Even when you're tired, your wine fix just won't go away. (Jessica Emin photo)

There are only so many events you can plan surrounding wine, if that’s your thing. You’ve got dinner parties for pairings, blind tastings and…drinking games? But when it’s cold outside and you’ve had a long week, a night on the couch can seem much more appealing. You could indulge in some great movies on wine,…

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Ben’s 10 – Favourite fictional athletes

Athletes can be frustrating. Whether they’re sounding off in press conferences, sulking during the game, or pulling a Robin Ventura by refusing to sign autographs, we fans often lose patience with today’s stars. That’s why everyone loves sports movies and TV shows. The protagonists are relatable, we sympathize with them even if their conduct would…

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