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Penis fetish manifests art collection

*Editor’s Note: The name of the person in this story has been changed to protect her identity. 

Some people think size matters, but Jane doesn’t discriminate.  

The entryway of the 63-year-old’s apartment might be unsettling for some, but to her, seeing 15 wooden phalluses as soon as she takes her shoes off is not something out of the ordinary.  

Jane, a retired sex-store employee and eroticism fetishist, is obsessed with collecting and decorating her bachelor apartment with wooden penises of different sizes, shapes and colours.  

She said that the shock on peoples’ faces amazes her when they walk in.  

“Why are we shocked about something we see on a daily basis?” She asks. “We should embrace it and enjoy it.” 

She says her appreciation isn’t just about the human body. “It’s the freedom of eroticism that I like.”  

Christine Ollier, a “sexpert” at Venus Envy, thinks that peoples’ negative reactions are because of the ingrained belief that their bodies should be hidden.  

“I would dream of a world where people are comfortable with their own bodies but also get to determine their own path on that journey,” said Ollier.  

Every wall of Jane’s crowded bachelor apartment features naked bodies, including figurines of breasts and penises, and paintings portraying intercourse. 

But Jane’s favourite decorations are the penises; she said they’re pieces of art.  

“They’re only wooden penises, they’re not threatening.”  

Jane’s been collecting these art pieces for as long as she can remember. Every time she travels abroad, she’s compelled to bring home another addition to the collection. So far, she has wooden penises from Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Africa.  

“It’s a fetish: something that is pleasing for me to look at, and it brings people out of a shell too.”  


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